The issue of climate change is omnipresent in our lives. Every day, we are confronted with these alarming images of our planet in perdition. These shots (often satellite) are witnesses of these evolutions: melting ice, drought, deforestation. For the INTL competition, interested in these images which aim to inform and raise awareness about these ecological issues. I decided to use these images for their plastic and aesthetic qualities. From satellite images, taken from Google Earth, I designed a series of three posters presenting fictitious cartographies. 
The territories become hybrid and subject to visual experimentation. This series is called Ukiyo-e, which means "floating and moving world where nothing is constant" in Japanese. This name echoes these fictional territories that are in perpetual motion. Ukiyo-e is also in the Japanese culture of woodcut prints. The graphic treatment of the posters is inspired by this printing technique: white reserves, predominance of movement, omnipresence of the sea, fineness of the line...On top of it, a grid composed of dots is added, evoking the matrix of a world entirely connected digitally.


Poster submission for competition

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